Go IPO with NetSuite Prepare your business for the next big step.

NetSuite for IPO

Unlock the potential of your business Go on the IPO path with NetSuite

A Cloud ERP system with guaranteed security standards

Experience a superior cloud ERP system with four safety guarantees, ensuring security at all stages of operations

Antivirus Scanning
Anomaly Detection
Intrusion Detection
Vulnerability Scans
Pen Tests
Zero Trust
Intrusion Detection
Dedicated DB
Encryption at REST
Regular Backups
Roles & Permissions
IP Address Validation
Single Sign On
Multi-Factor Authentication
Audit Trail

NetSuite is certified to both IFRS and GAAP international accounting standards

NetSuite helps improve the financial processes of the business by creating accurate financial reports and ensuring compliance with international financial standards and requirements


Help your business get into IPO


Strong financial solutions

NetSuite provides a robust financial management solution, aiding businesses in maintaining precise and current financial records. This is essential for meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring transparency for potential investors


Prepare financial information

Enhance your business processes with NetSuite, organizing financial information, automating reports, and streamlining due diligence. Save valuable time and resources throughout the IPO process


Control business processes

Empower your business with NetSuite to establish and maintain control over financial processes. Mitigate the risk of financial irregularities and ensure seamless compliance with regulatory requirements

Ari is ready to participate in driving your business to an IPO with our One-Stop Service featuring Ari


ERP system setup by experts


Customize the system to meet your business needs

Support Online and Onsite

Ready to solve every problem with you

Technical Consultant

There are experienced experts ready to give advice

Training and Upskill

Increase usage skills for efficiency

NetSuite covers every industry

Retail & E-Commerce

Seamlessly connect every aspect of your retail business, from e-commerce and POS to customer support

Restaurant & Hospitality

Bid farewell to manual processes with a unified recording system for finance, inventory, POS, and CRM

Food & Beverage

Comprehensive solutions for inventory and order management, e-commerce, finance, and CRM


Solutions for managing, controlling, coordinating, and overseeing production seamlessly through a unified system

Wholesales & Distribution

Offering effective solutions to efficiently deliver products and enhance business competitiveness

Health & Beauty

Integrate all sales channels into a single platform to craft a seamless experience for customers

Apparel Footwear & Accessories

Covering all solutions from e-commerce to storefront to order management

Financial Service

Increase business agility and improve operational processes to stimulate business growth


Accelerate the growth of your logistics business with innovative cloud-based financial solutions
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